This month’s highlight

Industrial Dishwashers

Alkaline liquid detergent with controlled foaming for energetic cleaning on automatic dishwashers (general dishes, cutlery, crockery, etc…) and specially formulated to remove grease, starch and any other organic dirt. Due to its sequestering agents, it avoids the apparition of calcareous deposits in dishwashers and its resistances.

Consistent Quality

We apply the most thorough checks to ensure the best quality in our products.

Continuous Innovation

A specialized R&D team works daily to create new and better products for you.

Hygiene plans

At Vijusa we develop Hygiene Plans customized to the needs of our clients. More info


Vijusa has a technical department that serves the company’s three divisions: Institutional, Laundry, and Food.


Vijusa is present in 25 countries through factories and a wide network of distributors.
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Training and Certification

Vijusa has been training and certifying its distributors and salespersons for a better understanding of the product for 35 years.